The heart of NCC has always been to make people and places new. This is our heartbeat. It is why we do what we do. From our deep partnerships in the community to the continued life transformation we see every Sunday, God has been accomplishing this vision through us.

But there is more . . .


In our personal lives, as a church, in our communities, in our jobs, at our schools- He is calling us to MORE. And we want to follow His lead. This means a deeper engagement with scripture, more ownership of our spiritual growth, and it means impacting our communities is more than an event- it’s a daily practice.

To pursue the MORE God has for us, we’ve made 4 declarations together:

  • Connector.

    Scripture is going to shape my life.

    I will daily engage and apply scripture.

  • Connector.

    My growth is my responsibility.

    I will make sure I grow closer to God.

  • Connector.

    I’m going to change the world and it starts here.

    I will look for opportunities to serve in my daily life.

  • Connector.

    We can't stay here.

    We want to keep moving forward toward the vision God has for us.