This time of year brings family time, great food and fun traditions; but maybe greater than all of those is the opportunity to tangibly show God’s love to others. NCC is passionate about supporting local organizations who do AMAZING work in our community. This Christmas, we’re providing gifts for these organizations to give out.


Will you be part of The Giving Tree?


You can select a gift for a child in foster care or an elementary school student in need. Or maybe you can provide a gift for someone in a nursing home or someone without a home this season. We can all do something!


Choose a gift by clicking on the button below, or stop by the Giving Trees on Sunday.


CHOOSE a gift either through the link above, or from the Giving Trees on Sunday morning.

If you choose a gift online, you will pick up your gift tag from the Giving Trees on Sunday morning.

At the Giving Trees, you will RECEIVE A TAG with the details of what your gift will be. 


The following steps are the instructions that you will find on your tag:

          PURCHASE a gift specifically for this person’s need. 


        WRAP the gift. 


          TAPE YOUR TAG onto the gift for sorting purposes. 

          Please do not write “from” on the gift. We want the organization to be the hero! 


        BRING the gift to NCC on or before December 9th. 

          Gifts can be placed on the stage before or after service.