This is our second year to partner with RightNow Media hosting Marriage Night. This is the perfect opportunity to grow relationally, emotionally, and spiritually with your spouse.

Our marriages show the world how Jesus cares for His church & His people, so it's important that we continue to grow and get better in this relationship. 

This night features pastors, psychologists, and a comedian for a fun night that will help us all grow in our marriage relationships. You can read more about the speakers below. 



NCC will be hosting Marriage Night via simulcast only this year! Join us for an at-home date night. Rent a movie for the kids, hide in your bedroom with your honey, order something yummy, and get ready to grow your marriage in the comfort of your home!

Just register through our button below and you'll receive a link to watch the conference as it begins on September 12th at 6:00pm.

Tickets are $15 per person.


Register for Marriage Night

Sat., September 12th @ 6pm