Hi Church,

We trust that you are doing well and staying safe! I know many of you may have questions about NCC after the newest update on the restriction from Governor Abbott.  We want to share what the next few weeks look like here at NCC.


As we search out and pray for wisdom, we'll all need to be flexible.  We will be excited to be in the same room worshiping together again, but we want to do the best for all people at NCC as to when is the right time to come together again. We value each other and want to be especially sensitive to the safety of those 65+ in age, children, and immunocompromised.


Thank you for joining together online and still being the Church during this time. We are still able to celebrate together and grow spiritually. I believe NCC and the Church worldwide will come together stronger and more united than ever!


The video below from April 30th shares the heart and the details behind the next few weeks at NCC.  

Please fill out this form completely. We will contact the nominator on Sunday around 12:15pm once the winners have been chosen. Those chosen for the lunch giveaways may choose immediate order or schedule for another time. 

"Mominate" open until 12pm Sunday!

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