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community engagement

we change the world

We change the world is one of our declarations here at NCC.  
We are called to make people and places new here and around the world. We have some great organizations and missionary partners that we support.  
Find out more about them below. 

our partners


Community Transofmraiton in El Salvador

Enlace empowers local churches in developing nations to bring community transformation.



Eric & Trisha Porter

Preparing the church to care for orphans

We dream of the day when more families are waiting for children then children waiting for families.  

Read Play Talk

Help children succeed academically

75% of kids from poverty households are behind their peers.  We want to change that stat.

Nick & Kimbra Stuva

Reaching unreached and forgotten people

Nick and Kimbra Stuva are missionaries to Tanzania. There they assist the Tanzania Assemblies of God(TAG) through many different avenues. The Stuvas assist the TAG with its Projects and Developments department which has the vision to see empowered, God fearing communities in Tanzania. A mojor goal is to see 10,000 pastors trained and 10,000 churches planted. The Stuvas also have started a bussiness in Tanzania called Marayapili which takes what most consider trash and makes glassware from it.