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This is your first step to Hosting on a Sunday Morning!

We're glad you've shown interest in this unique and important role. The training on this page is going to get you started on your hosting journey. 

step 1 : VIDEOS!

Here you'll find a few videos with Pastor Caleb walking you through the basics: what to expect, how a service works, language we use, and what is next. 

Watch each video and take notes on questions or comments you have.

step 2 : EMAIL

Once you've finished all 5 training videos, click on your campus below. An email will pop up addressed to your campus' leader over communicators. Let us know these 2 things:

- I finished the videos!

- Questions or thoughts I have

Add in your email so we can reply and press send! We'll reach out to you soon to schedule a face to face meeting to talk through everything and begin your in-person practice!

Now you're done with this page - feel free to refer to the videos above at any time! Lookout for a response to your email as we get into the in-person trainings together!


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