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6 months* - 5th grade

*Adjust from 3 months old starting 11/1

New Kids exists to empower the next generation to make people and places new.
We want kids to know Jesus loves them and has a plan for their lives by teaching through Bible-based experiences and resources.
We want kids to know WE love them by consistently and faithfully connecting with them and their parents.
Scripture // Scripture shapes our lives.
Ownership // Leaders make things better.
Relationship // Every child deserves to be known and loved.
Excellence // Bringing our best inspires people and honors God.
Safety // Caring for kids is a sacred responsibility.


New Kids is OPEN for both
9:30 & 11:15am services!


We want this space to be welcoming and safe for all kids. Along with our Team Member safety measures (listed below), HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP!

  • Be flexible with room capacities. It’s our heart to serve every family! At this time, we are limiting capacity.​
  • Red Room: 6 months - 2 years old // max capacity 6 kids
  • Yellow Room: 3-5 year old // max capacity 8 kids
  • K-5: 8 kids per small group by gender and age
  • Anyone entering the New Kids hallway or a classroom, must wear a mask and have their temperature checked - this includes drop off & pickup.
  • Please only one family member for checkin, drop off & pickup.
  • Because social distancing isn’t always possible, all K-5 are required to wear a face mask.
Thank you for being flexible and trusting the New Kids Leadership Team!



To the best of our ability, New Kids Team Members will follow the following: 

  • Always wear a face mask

  • Temperature checks prior to serving

  • Prohibit food of any kind in the classrooms

  • Encourage all kids to use available hand sanitizer and wash hands often

  • K-5 store will be closed & no kids bucks will be passed out

  • All toys, small group bins, pens, door knobs etc. will be wiped down before & after services.

  • Touchless checkin and checkout process

  • Limiting the amount & type of toys in our pre-k rooms


The red room is the place where the journey begins for New Kids! The goal of our Team Members is to partner with you as your child begins to discover what faith in Jesus is and to love your sweet babies just like Jesus loves us. Leaders create a fun, interactive environment for children to discover a personal relationship with Jesus. 


This class is focused on helping preschoolers engage with their faith through worship, a Bible lesson and engaging activities. There are 5-7 kids per small group leader in this classroom


The Pre-K separation into two classrooms is temporary as New Kids adjusts during Covid-19. Children around the age of 3 may be placed in either classroom based on child's need and max capacity. 


Our New Kids service is a BLAST! Your kiddo will learn from engaging Bible teaching and activities, all within his or her age-appropriate small group led by committed leaders.


New Community Church is passionate about leaving a legacy for the next generation of Christ-followers. If you’d like more information about making an impact in New Kids, email Pastor Aleda at abagby@newcommunity.co OR complete the initial application below.

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