NYC team

Aaron "AC" Castellanos

Student Pastor

Married to middle school girlfriend|

Father of 4 |Sneaker-head|

Loves tacos and ice cream

Reece Kruckenberg

Intern/Jr. High Guys Leader

Worship leader|Music lover|Loves to play basketball

Briana "Bree" Turner

Jr. High Girls Leader

Dog mom|Dance Teacher|Music lover| Enjoys reading|Loves TV shows and movies

Hunter Brooks

High School Guys Leader

Taco enthusiast|Cologne connoisseur|Movie lover|Comedian|Wanna-be dancer

Andrew "Drew" Williams

High School Guys Leader

Writer/Huge Spiderman fan/Hates Chocolate/Loves anime

Brenda Garcia

High School Girls Leader

Coffee fiend|Movie & music lover|Loves to try new food|Enjoys serving others

Debbie Castellanos

High School Girls Leader

Married to AC|Mother of 4|Chocolate lover|Minimalist wanna-be

Donte Ross