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The Giving Store

We're partnered with some amazing organizations in our community. They sent over their needs this Christmas season & together we can help fill them! 



"Add to cart" needs straight from our community! All donations will go to purchase these gifts and proceeds will go straight to these organizations and families after December 6th. 


Needs from 5 organizations are listed below. Select the need to open their page. Once needs are adding to your cart and you're ready to checkout, click on the "shopping cart" at the bottom of the page. Funds will be given to the organizations to purchase these gifts. No gifts will be sent to you or NCC. 

MISD Homeless Students

The team at Mesquite ISD’s Homeless Student Support Services provides resources and support to students who don't have a permanent residency. Students may be with their family while living with another family, alone and couch surfing, in shelters due to domestic abuse or stay in temporary hotels. The team offers irreplaceable support!

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