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We are so excited that you are taking the step to grow and be discipled.  Jesus poured His life into those in close relationship with Him.  We want to model His life.  He invited people into close relationship with Him and was willing to have challenging conversations that lead to spiritual growth.  

As God changes your life, we want to encourage you to join us in Jesus' last challenge to make disciples of all nations.

We are praying for you as you grow.  


If you would like the paper copy you can download it here:


​​The power of the stories of the bible isn't that they happened but they are a reflection of what is still happening. They mirror our lives in so many way. Through these powerful stories we see the character, salvation, power and love of God as He rescues us from our sin. We also see some of the common ways we miss God's purpose and plans for our life. These stories can help shape our life.

Old Testament prt. 1

This is the part of the bible that is before the time of Christ. It highlights the story of God's salvation and plan through His chosen people the nation of Israel. They were supposed to be a light and witness of Yahweh to the nations around them. (35 authors // written over 1200 years. // written in Hebrew)

Creation and the Fall of Humans (Genesis 1-3)

Overview:: Genesis goes through the creation story, the fall of man. It shows how we as people keep rebelling against God and His plan for us. We see the history of civilization. Also we see how God forms and choses His people to be an instrument to bring His salvation to the world.

Key Terms


God speaking everything into existence that has come to be. His creative power brought everything in our world into existence.

Original Sin

The act of disobedience of Adam and Eve eating of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and allowed sin to enter the world.


What does the way God created everything show us about Him?

What does chapter 3 of Genesis show us about our relationship with God?

Moses and the Exodus of God's people from slavery (Exodus 3 and 9-11)

Overview:: The people of God had been enslaved for 400 years in Egypt. Through many signs and wonders He frees His people and takes them to a mountain. At this place He shows them his presence and gives them a new way to live in relationship with Him and others around them.

Key Terms


These were the people God had chosen that were descendants of Jacob (who later become known as Israel). They were part of God’s plan of salvation for the world.


The people of God were told to sacrifice a lamb on the night the death angel would visit Egypt. They were to wipe the lamb’s blood on their doorpost and the angel would passover their house.


What do these signs and wonders and the Passover show about who God is?

Fall of Jericho (Joshua 3 & 6)

Overview:: The people of God don't trust God and end up spending 40 years wandering in the desert. After that a new generation arises and God brings them into the land Him promised them when they came out of slavery.

Key Terms


A geographical area was in the middle east. It was settled by the Moabites, Ammonites, and other tribal nations during the late 2nd millennium.

Promise Land

A geographical area that God had promised to Abraham that his descendants would inherit. God help them conqueror this land.


What did the promise land meant to Israel? What can that symbolize in our life?

What did God ask the people to do in order to win the victory in Jericho? Is there. a time God has asked you to do something that seemed difficult or challenging.

Old Testament prt. 2

Samson and Delilah (Judges 16)

Overview:: The people of God conquered and settled into the land that God has promised them. God raised up Judges (spiritual leaders & warriors) to lead His people. The people started a horrible cycle of doing their own thing, getting into trouble, crying out to God, God would send vicotry over their enemies. then they would forget God and do their own thing again. One of the judges was Samson.

Key Terms


A vow that’s taken by individuals who have voluntarily dedicated themselves to God. It may limit their consumption of alcohol or other unclean foods.


Spiritual leaders of Israel that God used to rescue his people and remind them to follow God’s word.


What are some of the pitfalls and traps Samson feel into?

What are some pitfalls or traps you have in your life?

David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17)

Overview:: The people of God asked God for a king to be like other nations. This was a bad decision. Their first king was named Saul and was a madman who was full of pride. God chose the second king a shepherd boy named David who had a heart for God.

Key Terms


Enemies of the people of God that worshiped the God Dagon and were at constant war with the people of God.


Was a weapon that was made of leather that was used to defend people. A rock or hard piece of material could be thrown a fast speeds to disable an enemy.


Where was David's confidence?

How did David's past prepare him for the giant He was facing? What does God done in your past to prepare you for future giants or battles in your life?

Saul tries to kill David // David honors Saul (1 Samuel 24)

Overview: After Saul turned away from God. God had a prophet anointed David as the next king. This mad Saul mad and jealous so he vowed to kill David. He hunted David down to kill him.

Key Terms


A leader who has the right to being direction, correction or instruction into someone’s life. Authority has been established by God.


A Prophet or man of God would pour oil over someones head to signify God’s purpose or calling over them. Such as in a new king being appointed.


How does David honor Saul as the authority in His life? How do you do this in your life? What does true humility look like?

What does true authority look like?
How should we as people of God deal with difficult leaders?

Old Testament prt. 3

Elijah and the False Prophets (1 Kings 18:20-46)

Overview:: The people had begun to worship the false God Baal. Elijah calls out the false prophets of Baal and challenges them to prove if their God was real. God did many signs and wonders through His prophets like this call His people back to Himself.

Key Terms


A god worshiped in many ancient Middle Eastern communities, especially among the Canaanites, who considered him a fertility deity.

Altar / Sacrifice 

Offering an animals life as an act of worship to a spiritual being or God. This could be done as an act of worship or to receive favor from God or a spiritual being.


What are things we worship in our life that turn our hearts and love away from God?

What was powerful about Elijah's prayer and faith in God?

Overview:: The people of God turned away from Him. He allowed them to be taken into exile by a neighboring country. They were in exile in an empire called Babylon. Daniel even in a different culture and land never forsakes God, but lives a life of conviction and no compromise.

Key Terms


A nation north of Israel that conquered the people of God. It was a strong empire that was short lived and eventually fell to the Medes and Persians.


A statue that symbolized a god offering and prayers could be offered as a representation of the god one served.


What characteristics do you see in the life of Daniel and the his friends? Which one of these do you admire the most

What is a moment where you had to trust God, maybe where it felt like you were in a fire?

Overview:: Jonah was a prophet of God. God told Him to go and preached to his enemy the ninevites. Jonah ran from God and was swallowed by a large fish. He did obey God, and when He preached to the people they repented. However, Jonah got angry with God for making him share the love of God with His enemy.


Have you had moments where it was difficult to follow or obey God's voice?

Are you ever like Jonah where you want mercy and a second chance for yourself but not for those you dislike?

What does true repentance look like? What does this story show us about God's heart for us?

New Testament prt. 1

This is the part of the bible that is during and after the time of Christ. It highlights the story of God's son coming and dying for our sins. After the gospels we see the church being established and growing and spreading throughout the roman empire. (27 books // 9 authors // written over

55 years. // written in Greek)

The Birth of Jesus (Luke 2:1-7)

Overview:: God visits a young jewish girl who is a virgin to reveal that it is through her the messiah will be born. The roman empire is ruling the then known world. Yet it is in a small town that the world salvation will come, and the true King will arrive on the scene of history.

Key Terms


The 25 days of December leading up to Christmas. Christians have used these day to reflect on the birth of Christ and the true meaning of Christmas.


Ancient scholars and astronomers that would study the stars to foretell key moments and important events on the earth.


What do you as the significance of Jesus being born as a baby in God’s salvation plan?

What is the impact or where Jesus was born and who was first told of His birth?

Jesus feeds five thousand people (John 6.1–15)

Overview:: Jesus began to do many miracles. He gained a large following of thousands. He had a small close group that were his true disciples. People were coming from all over the nation to witness the amazing miracles that were being done through this young rabbi.

Key Terms


Communion is a name for the “Lord’s Supper.” The word “communion” emphasizes the fellowship we have with Jesus because of His sacrifice on the cross.

Bread of Life

This was a term Jesus used to describe Himself.  Just like we need food to survive our Spirit needs spiritual food to be alive


So many people are following Jesus just to be feed and see the miracles?

What are un-pure motives why people follow Jesus today?

The Sermon on the mount (Matthew 5 & 6)

Overview:: Jesus gathered a group of people on the side of a mountain and shared a teaching of what it looks like to live in God’s world. He challenges us to live different from others as we love our neighbor and reflect God’s love to those around. This is one of his most famous sermons.


These first verse that talk about a blessed life seem counterintuitive to us. What seems different to you about being blessed in God’s kingdom versus what we think of as success in our culture?

In this part he talks about money a lot, why does he spend a large part of this focused on this topic? How do you in your life make sure money and possessions don’t become the central focus in your life?

What do you think it means to love your neighbor? Not just an idea but how do you practically do this in your life?

New Testament prt. 2

The parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15.11–32)

Overview:: Jesus used stories to convey the powerful truths of the kingdom of God. These many times are referred to as parables. He would share a truth through an illustration that people were familiar with. From seeds in a garden, to fishing Jesus was always using what is around us in the physical world to draw our attention to what is unseen in the world.

Key Terms


Prodigal means reckless or wasteful spend- ing. It was used to describe situations where someone surprised you by their actions in spending or giving.


This was given after the father of the family died. To ask for it ahead of time was a great offense. In essence you were wishing that person was dead.


What does the heart of the Father in this story reveal about God?
Why is it easier to admit we are the prodigal son rather than the older brother?

Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead (John 11.1–44)

Overview:: Jesus continued to do many signs and wonders. His miracles many times were to show a spiritual truth, such as healing the blind to illustrate spiritual sight. Jesus in his time on earth developed close relationships. Lazarus was a close friend of Jesus.

Key Terms


The restoring of life to someone that has been officially died. This not done through medical means but through a supernatural act of God.


During this time, people were hired to come and weep and cry with families that had lost someone. As odd as it seems to us it was a common thing in biblical time.


Why did Jesus weep if He knew He was about to raise Lazarus from the dead?

Why did this miracle upset the religious leaders so much?

Jesus is crucified & buried (Mark 15.20–41) & (Matthew 27.57–66) Jesus' resurrection (Matthew 28.1–15)

Overview: As the religious leaders became more and more jealous of the popularity and ministry of Jesus they looked for ways to kill Him. In the last chapters of the gospels we see how Jesus died.

Key Terms

Roman Centurion 

Commanders over roman soldiers. In this society they had leadership and influence over others due to their position. Not only with this army but with others in society.

Ceremonial Burial

Jewish culture required spices, oils, and ointments cover the body along with fabrics and linens to preserve the body and hinder odors. It was an extensive process.


What do you think those that witnessed Jesus death were feeling? Roman soliders, religious leaders, His disciples?

What is the importance of Jesus not just dying but also being resurrected?

New Testament prt. 3

The Holy Spirit is sent to the disciples (Acts 2.1–13)

Overview:: After His death and resurrection Jesus continued to meet and speak to His disciples for 40 days. After this He ascended into heaven. After his accession we see the growth and expansion of the church in the book of Acts and the epistles.

Key Terms


This was a Jewish festival that celebrated the first fruits of the wheat harvest. It also reminded the people where God visited them on Mount Sinai.

Tongues of Fire 

Visible small pockets of fire that accompanied the Holy Spirit being given to the first disciples.

The conversion of Saul (Acts 9.1–19)

Overview:: As the church began to grow and spread it began to experience extreme persecution. From being placed in jail to even torture and death Jewish leaders and roman leaders tried to find ways to contain the spread of Christianity through painful means. One of these men was named Saul.

Key Terms


Jewish religious leaders who were very strict in regards to the law and religious practices. They were considered the elite in Jewish society.


Physical pain, Verbal abuse, imprisonment or other forms of torture to prohibit or impede the spread of a religious belief.


How you have responded if God asked you to speak to someone like Paul? Have you ever felt challenged to share Jesus with someone that is difficult to speak with?

Saul thought He was doing something for God, but was fighting against Him. Have you ever been in a situation like this?

Key Storis


What is the importance of what these followers of Christ experience on this day? How does this outpouring of God’s Spirit effect them and the city of Jerusalem?

Paul and Silas in prison (Acts 16.16–40)

Overview:: Paul (who was Saul) after his conversion was one of the strongest components of the Christian faith. He planted many churches and took the gospel into new lands and nations. God used Paul to establish and create the structure for His church. These trips to distant lands were known as missionary trips.


Have you ever faced opposition or persecution because of your faith?

Is it easy for you to focus on Jesus or run to Him in the midst of dark nights in your life or hard seasons?

Worship is key to us seeing freedom. What are ways you worship and praise God in the midst of difficulties?

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