"Make Disciples!" These are some of the last words Jesus spoke to us.  It's Him inviting us into His story of redeeming the world.  We get to be part of God making the world new.  



We want to walk with you in this endeavor to fulfill His last words. That is why we have created this page. Our heart is to help you as you make disciples.  We pray that all of these resources are helpful as you walk with others in their spiritual journey to become like Christ.  

Thanks for pouring into the lives of others.  





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Disciple in Relationships

Connections are vital in disciple-making. Jesus brought His disciples close for 3 years.  They were with Him for 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  For most of us that would seem impossible, but since they’re vital for our spiritual growth, we want to create space to develop close relationships.  Think of these connections points as orbits - when our lives get close to each other.  Below is the connection points timeline to help you build deep, meaningful relationships that lead to making disciples. 

Daily Access:  1 - 4 weeks

We strongly encourage you to have daily contact with those you are discipling in the beginning.  Some suggested connections are: Read a bible reading plan together in the YouVersion app & share comments on what God spoke to you // Text feed - text the group with a few prompts (how they are doing, about their day, if they are struggling, prayer, etc.) // Prayer phone call - get on the phone and pray for each other’s needs.


Weekly Access:  1 - 8 weeks

We need more than just a digital connection when we’re sharing life together.  Each week we want to spend time together.  This is your opportunity to have intentional discussions about life, God’s word, and discipleship content. Get creative with this time!  morning coffee // family dinner // a shared interest or activity of the group // Serve together at a non-profit. The goals are to be together, have intentional conversations, and engage with scripture.  


Bi-weekly Access: 3 - 6 months

As you move along the spiritual continuum, take what you’ve been doing weekly and extend it to every other week. Continue to have intentional discussions about life, God’s word, and discipleship content.


Monthly Connections:  7 - 12 months

Everyone is growing together, and you’ve been living life together. The heart of this phase is to still connect and challenge each other to grow.  This is also the time to challenge each other to pray for the person God is leading you to disciple next. MAKE DISCIPLES. Remember: this is an organic process. The goal isn’t to stick to a rigid timeline. You may find that you can move more quickly or need to slow down. We want to walk at the pace of natural growth and focus on developing those we’re discipling.  



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