"Make Disciples!" These are some of the last words Jesus spoke to us.  It's Him inviting us into His story of redeeming the world.  We get to be part of God making the world new.  



We want to walk with you in this endeavor to fulfill His last words. That is why we have created this page. Our heart is to help you as you make disciples.  We pray that all of these resources are helpful as you walk with others in their spiritual journey to become like Christ.  

Thanks for pouring into the lives of others.  





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Disciple in Relationships

Following Jesus Example

Jesus’ model was high invitation, meaning He invited many to follow. At NCC, we recommend
inviting 3-4 into your discipleship group. We don’t disciple in a strictly one-on-one basis, because Jesus didn’t. We learn from each other! Others can add to what you are leading and teaching. That said, we discourage large groups, because fostering close relationships is vital to discipleship.

Daily Connections: 1 - 4 weeks

In the beginning, we strongly encourage you to have daily contact with those you are discipling. Some suggested connections are: Read a bible reading plan together in the YouVersion app & share comments on what God spoke to you // Text feed - text the group with a few prompts (how they are doing, about their day, if they are struggling, prayer, etc.) // Prayer phone call - get on the phone and pray for each other’s needs.

Weekly Connections:

We need more than just a digital connection when we’re sharing life together. Each week we want to spend time together. This is your opportunity to have intentional discussions about life, God’s word, and discipleship content. Get creative with this time! i.e. Morning coee // family dinner // a shared interest or activity of the group // Serve together at a non-profit. The goals are to be together, have intentional conversations, and engage with scripture.

Monthly Connections: Last 2 months

Everyone is growing together, and you’ve been living life together. The heart of this phase is to still connect and challenge each other to grow, while making an eort to multiply. This is the time to challenge each other to pray for the people God is leading you to disciple next. As you disciple others, stay connected to keep growing and make sure the new groups are solid.

MAKE DISCIPLES. Remember: this is an organic process. The goal isn’t to stick to a rigid timeline. You may find that you can move more quickly or need to slow down. We want to walk at the pace of natural growth and focus on developing those we’re discipling.


Create Account

To create a RightNow media account with NCC, just click on the button below.  You will be taken to a new page to set up your account.

Right Now Media

We want to help resource you as you walk through this discipleship process.  You will notice some additional resources with the spiritual growth content.  There are videos that will help you understand more about what you are learning on a site called RightNow Media.  There you will find all kinds of videos on topics like parenting, marriage, faith, studying the scripture and much more.  There are instructions below to access the RIGHT NOW MEDIA library, and they’re all totally free.  Don't feel limited to just the videos we suggest!   Use this tool to grow in all areas of your life.


Reveal Individual Assessment

We know you want to grow spiritually.  But how do you know if you are growing?  We have partnered with Reveal to help.  We have a short survey to help you know your current stage of spiritual growth and how you can keep moving forward.  This short assessment asks questions about loving attitudes along the Spiritual Continuum, beliefs, personal spiritual practices, virtues and faith in action.  We encourage you to take this at the beginning and end of your discipleship process.


Take Survey

This survey is 36 questions long.  Try not to overthink it.  After you complete the survey you will immediately get an email with your results along with some tips to keep growing in your relationship with Jesus.


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